Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity Begins At Home...

We exist to make a positive impact on the world, and we will continue to do this as boldly and efficiently as possible.

Turner Digital Media LTD (the company), operates a system of internal control, which we maintain and review in accordance with good U.K. governance practices.

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The Environment

Due to the small size of the company office (less than 300 sq.ft.), and the small number of people occupying it, our carbon footprint is regarded as negligible.

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Disabled Employees

Applications for employment made by disabled people are given full and fair consideration. Having regard to the particular aptitudes and abilities of the applicant.

In the event of employees becoming disabled, the company makes every effort to ensure the individuals continuing employment with us. As well as the provision of suitable equipment, we will alsoarrange appropriate training where necessary.

Turner Digital Media corporate social responsibility

Health & Safety

The company is commited to ensuring a working environment that meets and exceeds the required health and safety standards. All our staff have access to and are encouraged to practice the Health and Safety Policy.

The Policy is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis, taking into account any changes in the law. All staff benefit from an induction and are notified of any changes in the law that are made.


Making a difference…

In March 2017 we joined forces with a growing human rights charity based in Leicester, England.
Justice Upheld is a free and independent international humanitarian organisation. Made up of lawyers and professionals, working together to promote and protect human rights across the globe.
Our growing relationship with this incredible charity was brought ever closer when its founder asked our director to become a trustee. A position he was honoured to accept.
As well as digital solutions, we are now able to offer organisational advice which is already benefitting people in desperate need, all around the world.
To find out more about Justice Upheld and their remarkable work, you can visit their website here
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