Our mission : Enriching Lives With Knowledge

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By mid 2015, digital advertising still held many exciting opportunities for individuals wishing to generate an income online.

Our now Managing Director, Russell Turner, began to use pay per click advertising to market products and services to a global audience. Everything he marketed was owned by a small, select group of joint venture partners.

Turner Digital Media LTD


As this small enterprise grew and evolved, so did my vision for its future. I wanted the opportunity to foster and develop a genuine, long term relationship with the people that engaged with my advertising.

I knew that I could do more, and I wanted to create an organisation that would enable me to do more.”

                   -Russell Turner-

Turner Digital Achievement


Our mission statement is ‘Enriching lives with knowledge’. The team at Turner Digital Media LTD operate using this as a minimum standard.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or someone looking to progress your career, you wil know that knowledge itself isn’t power. It is the use of knowledge that is power.

We exist to help entrepreneurs, business owners and ambitious employees like you, to push their personal and professional lives to new and exciting, life changing heights.

Turner Digital Media LTD Altruism


Our personal and professional values of vision, growth, achievement and altruism, permeate through every action we take and every product or course we create.

Every team member at Turner Digital Media wants their life to matter. They want to know that the world was a better place, because they were in it.

As a company this is why we exist. To give you the tools to build your future as you imagine it to be.

Justice Upheld Turner Digital

Pay it forward…

This is why we are proud to have partnered with an independent human rights charity, based in Leicester. We provide Justice Upheld with guidance and digital marketing advice.

Enabling their important work to reach, help and save the lives of as many people as possible.

-You can directly contact our company director Russell Turner,

using the social links below.-

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